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March 13, 2017


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June Bryant

I bought a stop watch and timed the amber light at 34th St. and 38th Ave. We have 3 seconds from green to red. That's not enough time to watch the lights and oncoming traffic in order to make a left hand turn. I sat at Burger King for 30 minutes and witnessed 8 cars missing the mark. This is so unfair. The video of my red light ticket shows the amber light time as being 4.9 seconds. NOT!

James C. Walker

Red light cameras often raise the accident rates and many examples are on our website. They need to be banned statewide.

Red light cameras are a revenue system, not a safety system.

James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

Lawrence Feldhusen

I'm the lucky recipient of a UTC because my truck was photographed running a red light in South Pasadena at Pasadena Ave and Park St.

I chose not to pay when I received the initial "Notice of Violation" because I was outraged at the lack of due process. They provided convincing photos that my truck ran a red light but not a clue as to who was driving it.

Now that the UTC has arrived in the mail I have to decide whether it's worth the time and cost of fighting this. Is the Pinellas Court likely to fairly weigh my constitutional rights or would i just be tilting at windmills? The choices are to pay $264 or take a chance of doing better (or worse) in court; along with eating up more of my time.


Driving Lights

Refreshingly new article. I must applaud your creativity dude…how can you ever think that something as common as this can do

Russo and Russo, P.A.

I would encourage you to write a letter to your elected representatives in the Florida Legislature as well as the St. Pete Times, and the City of South Pasadena. The Florida Legislature is responsible for passing the law which basically increases your exposure to points and a higher fine if you even attempt to take the case to court (a clear violation of due process if there ever was one). The City of South Pasadena was one of the first Pinellas cities to jump on the red light camera bandwagon and has been using it as a merciless money grab ever since. The St. Pete Times has been covering the increasing use of red light cameras since they went into effect, and the paper is generally quite fair about covering both the negative and positive reactions in the community to the use of these cameras. Thanks for your comments!


Does anyone know where to send complaint letters on Red Light Program? I got a violation ticket in December of 2011 for running a red light at 10 AM on December 20th at South Pasadena and Park St by the South Pasadena Police Department says but the fine is $158. I missed the red light by a second after reviewing the video. You do not get many choices if you wanted to try to fight it. I was hoping for a warning but my only choices are you either pay the money or try to fight it but if you wait to fight it, your fine goes way up from what I was told almost doubled before you even go anywhere. I asked if you could do payment plans because I got laid off days after this ticket getting to my job so I am unemployed. They girl on the phone said there is only one payment option which is to pay the money. I tried to explain to the girl I do not have a ticket to my name, let alone drive barely 5 miles over speed limit and get jokes about it. I had to pay the fine using my tax money but I want to write a letter to voice my opinion on this Red Light Program.

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