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May 12, 2011


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The county claims Pinellas is unable to balance the budget without making cuts in the Sheriffs Office reducing service and protection to the public who live in the unincorporated areas of Pinellas county, putting us all at risk. Pinellas county also claims to need to charge a fee to enter parks like Fort Desoto to balance the budget. I find this difficult to believe, I checked the web sight “Who’s on your payroll” I have discovered that the Tax Collector is handing out our tax dollars that are suppose to pay for these service in rises for Exempt employees, there is suppose to be no pay rises for county employees since 2007 to balance to budget. Case in point and feel free to check it for yourselfs, [NAME REDACTED] in 2008 he made $82,500.00 by 2009 he made $83,512.00 in 2010 it was $88,504.00 and now he makes $93,496.00. How do you account for this? No pay rises are no pay rises, right? or are their a double standard between Classified and Exempt employees? Stop this backdoor abuse of our tax dollars.

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It is a tough time for every career, including law enforcement careers in this economy.

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